Town of Wilbur, Broadway Avenue and Railroad Street Reconstruction

Location: Wilbur, WA: Horrocks provided roadway improvement services for the Town of Wilbur. The Town Central Business District roads had degraded severely and unsafe areas were identified where multiple accidents had occurred. Horrocks conducted a public meeting to gather community input and discuss the alternatives for reconstructing Railroad Street and Broadway Avenue. The design included approval by the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) because the project straddled Highway 2. Due to insufficient stormwater facilities in the project area, Horrocks designed new median stormwater facilities to separate traffic in an accident zone, collect runoff, and provide beautification of the corridor. Low maintenance landscaping was selected to reduce Town costs. Horrocks also provided cultural consultation and the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) permitting. Materials testing was conducted by a subconsultant to verify gradations of aggregates and compaction of subgrade and asphalt. Cement-treated soils were used to augment the existing base and saved the Town approximately $180,000 in construction costs. Horrocks performed all construction monitoring and closeout documents were provided to the Town and the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB).